** Postponed until further notice **

Tattoo Contests

F r i d a y :

Best Tribal   5:30pm

Best Asian   6pm

Best Leg   6:30pm

Black & Grey Small   7pm

Black & Grey Large   7:30pm

Best Portrait   8pm

Best Realistic   8:30pm

Best of the Day   9pm

S a t u r d a y :

Best Traditional   5:30pm

Best Neo-Traditional   6pm

Color Small    6:30pm

Color Large   7pm

Best Sacred Geometry Dot Work   7:30pm

Best Back   8pm

Best Chest   8:30pm

Best of the Day   9pm

S u n d a y :

Best Lettering    5pm

Best Sleeve   5:30pm

Best Dia De Los Muertos   6pm

Best Horror   6:30pm

Best of the Day   7pm

Best of Show   7pm


Sugar Skull Award Sugar Skull Award 2

Awards for the Tattoo Contests will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place as well as Best of Day & Best of Show.

The award trophies will be stunning handmade traditional sugar skulls framed in shadow boxes made by renowned Dia De Los Muertos artist Rob – O visit his website http://ilovesugarskulls.com/