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Live Music


X O C H I T L  ( S O – C H E E )

Xochitl (pronounced “so-chee”) is a 22 year
old singer-songwriter born & raised in Sacramento,
CA. Xochitl has toured the east & west coast,
held the cover of local music newspaper “Submerge”
and preformed in hundreds of venues. Her new EP
“Lion Heart”is available worldwide.


T H E   M A N Z A N I T A

Born and bred in Northern California foothills you have seen
and heard them all over Midtown.
Bringing the heat with that Bluegrass, Folk, Country.

Andrew Promo

A N D R E W   C A S T R O

Castro’s live shows are high energy and the
rhythms and sounds created on his guitar
and loop pedal provides a  powerful back
track with a much different experience than
the typical singer songwriter act.  His acoustic
upbeat pop styled music is catchy and melodic.
He recently released the follow up to his debut
EP “Janey” with a much more mature and
powerful effort in his brand new EP “Inside/Out.”

 Calling Tempo

C A L L I N G   T E M P O

Classical Chello + Electric Guitar
Nuff said