** Postponed until further notice **


  1. C I T Y   O F   T R E E S

A R T   A N D   I N K   E X P O
Sacramento Convention Center
1 4 0 0   J   S t r e e t
S a c r a m e n t o ,   C A   9 5 8 1 4

THURSDAY Sept 7th 2017

Exhibitor Load In –————————– 2pm

Exhibitor Load In End———————— 5pm

FRIDAY Sept 8th 2017

Exhibitor Load In –————————– 9am

Doors Open  ———————————  12pm

Portfolio Building Workshop  ———-  12pm

Live Art Battle  ——————————-  1pm

Scratchboard Workshop——————  2pm

Live Music ————————————–  2pm

Adobe Illustrator Workshop  ————  3pm

Tattoo Contest  ——————————-  3pm

Live Music ————————————–  4pm

Best Tribal  ————————————-  5:30pm

Best Asian ————————————–  6pm

Intro to Oil Painting Seminar ————  6pm

Live Music ————————————–  6pm

Best Leg —————————————-   6:30pm

Black & Grey Small ————————–  7pm

Black & Grey Large ————————–  7:30pm

Best Portrait  ———————————-  8pm

Best Realistic  ———————————  8:30pm

Best Tattoo of the Day ———————  9pm

Best Art of the Day   ————————  9pm

Doors Close  ———————————-  10pm


SATURDAY Sept 9th 2017

Machine Building Workshop  ———–  9am

Doors Open  ———————————– 10am

Oil and Acrylic ——————————–  11am

Digital Painting Seminar  —————–  12pm

Live Music ————————————– 12pm

Kids Sugar Skull Class ———————  1pm

Live Music ————————————–  2pm

Scratchboard Workshop——————-  2pm

Tattoo Contest ——————————-  3pm

Acrylic Painting Seminar ——————  4pm

Live Music ————————————–  4pm

Framing Workshop ————————– 5pm

Best Traditional ——————————  5:30pm

Live Painting   ———————————- 6pm

Best Lettering  ——————————–  6pm

Color Small ————————————   6:30pm

Pencil Drawing ——————————–  6:30pm

Live Music ————————————— 7pm

Color Large ————————————  7pm

Best Sacred Geometry Dot Work  —— 7:30pm

Best Back  ————————————— 8pm

Best Chest  ————————————– 8:30pm

Art Contest ————————————-  8:30pm

Best Tattoo of the Day  ——————–  9pm

Best Art of the Day   ————————  9pm

Doors Close  ———————————– 10pm


 SUNDAY Sept 10th 2017

Doors Open  ——————————— 10am

Color Within Lines Seminar  ———–  11am

Photoshop 101 Seminar —————-  12pm

Live Music ————————————  12pm

Kids Art Workshop ————————  1pm

Black and Grey Seminar  —————-  2pm

Kids Art Workshop ————————- 2pm

Live Music ————————————  2pm

Attacking Murals  Seminar  ————-  3pm

Live Music ————————————  4pm

Painting A Skull —————————–  5pm

Best Neo-Traditional ———————- 5pm

For The Love Of Lettering —————  5pm

Art Contest ———————————–  5:30pm

Best Sleeve  ———————————-  5:30pm

Live Music  ———————————–  6pm

Best Dia De Los Muertos   ————-   6pm

Best Horror  ——————————–  6:30pm

Best Tattoo of the Day   —————– 7pm

Best of Show ——————————-  7pm

Best Art of the Day   ———————  7:30pm

Doors Close  ——————————– 8pm

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  1. Abraham

    Is the love of lettering a tattoo seminar or competition??

    Liked by 1 person

    October 16, 2016 at 8:47 am

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