** Postponed until further notice **

Exhibitor Booths

** Postponed untill further notice **

C I T Y   O F   T R E E S
A R T   A N D   I N K   E X P O
 Sacramento Convention Center
1 4 0 0   J   S t r e e t
S a c r a m e n t o ,   C A   9 5 8 1 4

10×10 Booth $800   –   20×10 Double Booth $1500   –  30×10 Triple Booth $2200

Health Dept Inspection 72$ per 10×10 Booth (Body Art Only)

Each 10×10 includes (2) tables, (4) chairs, (1) roll of paper towels, (1) sharps container and (2) vendor badges.  Each artist will receive gift bag with products from Kingpin, Hush, and E-Volved Mag.  Thermal copier stencil machine will be available for use, transfer paper will be provided and we will have photocopier and wireless laser printer made available for use all 3 days in the Staff/Information Booth.

Download Application Below

Tattoo Artist Application hand

Vendor Application


10x10 Booth

10×10 Booth $800

20x10 Booth

20×10 Booth $1500


30×10 Booth $2,200

          Setup starts 2pm – 5pm
          Setup starts 9am – 11:30am
           Doors Open 12noon – 10pm
          Setup starts 9am
          Doors Open 10am – 10pm
          Setup starts 9am
          Doors Open 10am – 8pm
          Teardown 8pm – 10pm